Executive Summary


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Pakistan is the 4th largest exporter of rice after Vietnam, Thailand and India. Rice is the 3rd largest crop produced in Pakistan, with annual production of rice exceeding 6 million tons. Around 60% of the produce is exported, and together with the rest of the Indian sub-continent, it is responsible for supplying 30% of the world’s paddy rice output. Rice exports contribute more than US$ 2 billion to the national exchequer, and have been growing at a staggering rate of 26% in value over the last 5 years.

The journey of Matco started with the entrepreneurial aptitude of Syed Sarfaraz Ali Ghori, who initially started supplying
and commissioning rice plant and equipment for the Government of Pakistan in 1964.

Today, Matco operates 4 rice processing and milling plants with a number of storage facilities and we have the distinction of being the largest basmati rice exporters from Pakistan. From our vertically integrated paddy-drying, storage, husking
and processing facilities in Sadhoke, Punjab and Karachi, Sindh; we export our flagship rice brand and other private
labels to more than 60 countries across the world.

The company acquires the best of human resource, provides state-of-the-art trainings and has a very low turnover, thanks to the culture that has evolved over the period of 4 decades.

In 2012, International Finance Corporation (IFC) – Member of the World Bank Group has injected US$ 5 million of equity in Matco for capacity-building to cater to increasing exports, supporting trade, spurring economic growth and establishing
Matco as a global corporate in the region.

Matco is a committed member of the society and strives to make constructive efforts to the welfare of the community.

We pay humble gratitude to all our stakeholders who are linked to us, and pledge to work for the advancement of all. It is our firm belief that only together with our stakeholders we can unleash new horizons and advance through the journey
of mutual success.


Jawed Ali Ghori

Chairman & Managing Director